Funeral Information

Funeral Types

The mourning of deceased persons and the way in which their passing is marked by ceremonies and rituals has changed throughout the centuries as well as between different cultures and religions. 

This section considers a few of these. (Click on link above) 



Civil Funerals

Attitudes are changing as people accept that death does not have to be foreboding, mysterious or expensive. The past 20 years have seen more people move away from traditional, formal religious ceremonies, to create events that more accurately reflect the life and loves of the deceased. 

This section considers some of the legal requirements and options for those looking to have a less or non-religious style celebration of life. (Click on link above)



Baby & Infant Funerals

These can be even more emotive and have a number of different schemes and charities to assist bereaved families with finances, procedures and well-being. 

This section offers some additional information and guidance for those suffering the loss of a baby or child. (Click on link above)