Losing someone is bad enough, but one of the greatest fears is that of losing memory of them over the years. Of course, one can never really forget a loved one, but sometimes it is reassuring to have something to help bring those memories back. 

The following pages and links take you to some companies we deal with who offer what we believe to be high quality, memory keepsakes. 

‘I fall asleep in the full and certain hope that my slumber shall not be broken; and that though I be all-forgetting, yet shall I not be all forgotten, but continue life in the thoughts and deeds of those I loved’.  ** Samuel Butler **

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These can be more than just an overview of the funeral service. There are hundreds of designs and styles which can make these an excellent keepsake for all who attend the ceremony.

      They can include Books of Condolence, Bookmarks, Attendance Cards, Memory Cards and Keepsake Cards.



A range of ‘In Memory Pins’ for families to gift to mourners at the funerals of their loved ones. Our twenty individual designs allow for a personal touch, making them a fitting tribute and encouraging unity and togetherness during their difficult time.

Family and friends can either choose to wear their pins on the day of the funeral or for a longer period of mourning.



One of the biggest fears that we have when we lose someone close to us is that, as time goes on, we will forget who they were. Important aspects of their personality that made them who they are, important events that happened in their lives, and just the simple things that gave them enjoyment can all slip from our memory as we age.

Not only do we often want to keep these memories for ourselves, but also for the next generation and those who never had the chance to meet the person we cared for so dearly.  This can be a particular worry for younger children who can lose memories easily and may otherwise never get to appreciate the character and personality of a loved one who has passed away.

Memory boxes serve as a simple way to remember your loved one, and to add detail beyond the surface of what can just be viewed in a photograph.



Not everyone chooses to scatter a loved one’s ashes. Many are kept in an urn at home, in a repository or are more commonly being used to create a lasting memorial or treasured keepsake. Our cremation jewellery and glass art memorials provide great comfort and reassurance each and everyday or during special times throughout ones life.

In memory of your loved one we take a small amount of ashes and encase these within specialist glass capturing your loved ones essence and spirit within our contemporary cremation Glass Art Memorial and memorial jewellery designs, enabling you to keep your loved one close forever in your home or with you, wherever you go.




*    ANGEL & DOVE  (Contemporary Funeral Goods)

Our collection of contemporary funeral goods has been designed to celebrate life, love and individuality. We’ve created a collection of thoughtful items to enable you to celebrate and remember the life of a loved one in a way that feels right for you, and to help make the saddest of occasions beautiful, personal and memorable.



*   HEART IN THEIR HAND (Baby & Infant)

Nothing can prepare one for the loss of a baby or child and the aftermath as all your hopes and dreams come crashing down. Heart in their Hands was set up by Cathy after the loss of her own son in the womb. She specialises in keepsakes that can be ‘shared’ with the baby to keep the connection more physical as well as emotional and the result was ‘Heart In Their Hands’. 

There are now a range of products and gifts designed to help with a loss and continue the connection for parents, families and friends.