In Memory Pin

For centuries, symbols have been used to acknowledge support, connection and remembrance. Sometimes, these symbols are made into brooches and pins so that they can be attached to clothing and proudly displayed, becoming an ideal way of expressing support and symbolising togetherness in mourning.

Tokens of remembrance, such as black jet brooches or touchstones, were given out as keepsake items at funerals and were a popular way of commemorating a loved one’s death. These items were worn for up to two years after the funeral, especially by the immediate family through the period of deep mourning.

With this in mind, we have developed a range of ‘In Memory Pins’ for families to gift to mourners at the funerals of their loved ones. Our twenty individual designs allow for a personal touch, making them a fitting tribute and encouraging unity and togetherness during their difficult time.

Family and friends can either choose to wear their pins on the day of the funeral or for a longer period of mourning. Each pin is silver plated or enamelled, presented in its own voile drawstring pouch, and can be ordered at the same time as service stationery. A larger pouch will accompany the order for discreet distribution among the congregation.

In Memory Pin Designs

We believe we have been able to reintroduce a fitting, heartfelt keepsake product that families will find comfort in sharing with mourners, and which will serve as a respectful memento to help everyone come together in grieving their loss.


An elegant memento for you, your family and friends. 

Each pin comes in an individual. elegant drawstring voile pouch, with a minimum order of ten pins. 

Pricing below: 


*  Pin designs only available in batches of 10 and cannot be mixed in numbers less than this. 

To purchase, remember the design you require and click on the purchase form link. You will be taken to our multi-products purchase page where you can enter your details. Payment will be via PayPal. Once your order has been acknowledged, you will receive an invoice and a link to PayPal to make your payment. Goods will be shipped to the requested address.