What Is A Civil Funeral Celebrant?

A Civil Funeral Celebrant is a professionally trained individual person, who offers to perform civil funerals in a dignified and culturally acceptable manner, for those who, for whatever reason, do not choose a religious ceremony.

What Will The Celebrant Do?

Depending on circumstances, the funeral celebrants will interview the family, carefully prepare and check the eulogy, brief those persons chosen to give reminiscences, and finally help to provide resources and suggestions that will assist the family to choose the most appropriate music, video / photo presentations, quotations (poetry and prose), symbols and movement or choreography to ensure the best ceremony for the deceased.

What Doesn’t The Celebrant Do?

The celebrant does not organise the whole of the funeral. They work as the liaison between the Funeral Director and you. They inform the Funeral Director of the requested procedures and collaborate with them to finalise the requirements.

What Happens When We Meet?

During the meeting:

I will:

*     Explain what is involved in the ceremony

*     Give practical advice to plan the ceremony if required

*     Discuss favourite readings and music and, for those who wish, suitable hymns or prayers.

*     Work with the family and friends to gather as much information about the deceased so as to prepare a carefully
…….scripted tribute written about the character and life of the person.


This personal tribute is often a celebration of the person’s life, recounting their experiences, attributes and qualities. Every effort is made to capture the essence of the deceased and gathering information for this is likely to form a major part of our meeting.

*     On the day, the tribute, or parts of it, can be delivered by the celebrant, a family member or a friend.

After the meeting:

I will

*     Create a draft ceremony in full and then seek your approval.


It is helpful for me to see any contributions that family or friends will be making to ensure they do not duplicate content and that an eye is kept on the overall timings.  

*     You are free to make alterations or add extra information should you wish. Nothing will be said at the funeral which you have not given approval for.

On the day:

I will

*     Lead the funeral ceremony

*     Give you a printed copy of the service for you to keep




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