Urns are mainly used to preserve the ashes or other memorial items of our loved ones. There are many types of urns available in the market. Urns generally differ in size, shape and finish offering the purchaser a huge choice. Cremation urns can be stored in the chapel or at home. Some also prefer to bury the cremation urn. For those who wish to scatter ashes – there are also ‘Scattering Urns’ available. Cremation urns can also be kept at home and it is not necessary that they should hold ashes, instead they can house a memorial photograph, locks of hair or any other memorable item associated with the departed one.

Urns are made of different materials each of which possess their own beauty and properties. Brass urns move away from the traditional wooden urn as many find them beautiful and durable. Many of the urns are designed by artisans and so many choose to keep the urn at home as an ornament, as such they serve a dual purpose. Those that want to bury their urns may consider environment friendly urns which are biodegradable. These urns degrade into their environmental surroundings be it earth or water.

If you decide you would like a differnt Urn to that shown by your Funeral Director, guide him to the site and he will be able to obtain any selected item on your behalf.. 

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We are a family run business specialising in the supply of crematory and memorial products. We are certain that you will find something fitting for your loved one in our range of products. It is important to know that EACH product is individually hand crafted by skilled artisans – giving each piece the love and attention it demands.

We understand that your visit to our site is not under the best circumstances, but we hope you will find that special memorial for your loved one at Urns UK helping you find some consolation in Keeping The Memory Alive….

Below is a small selection of or large and wide ranging collection of urns. For more options, please visit our website. 

T:   01923 220273    W:  www.urnsuk.com

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Colourful Coffins

The following a very small selection of coffins available from Colourful Coffins. They have an even greater range on their website and can assist with creating bespoke coffins with your own images. 

Includes coffins relating to: 
Animals & Pets / Artistic & Bespoke / Cardboard / Childrens / Classic / Floral / Glitz & Glamour / Military & Patriotic / Musical / Religious / Scenic / Sport / Transport / American Style Caskets

T:  01865 779172      W: www.colourfulcoffins.com   

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Passages International

Earth & Water Biodegradable

Passages is dedicated to providing the best, most sustainable options to those seeking environmentally-friendly funeral options. We design all of our products, and produce many items in-house. We stand behind our unsurpassed quality and service, and the variety of our offerings is unavailable anywhere else.

The following are examples of our Earth & Water Biodegradable Urns and Containers.

For more information and options, visit our website or give us a call: 

T:  01628 290220    W:  www.http://passagesinternational.co.uk

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