Caskets, Coffins & Shrouds

Funerals have traditionally been considered as dour occasions with dark colours and sombre ceremonies. 

The idea of a Civil Ceremony however is to celebrate the life of the deceased. One way of doing that is through a bespoke coffin that expresses the identity of the person, who they were and what they were interested in. Furthermore, what better way than to help lighten an already sad occasion with a visual representation. 

The coffins displayed are not sold direct but via your Funeral Director or Celebrant. 

If you decide you would like a more colourful coffin or one appropriate to your loved one, discuss this with your Funeral Director as soon as possible as they may still be able to change any initial requests. 

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Coloured Coffins

The following a very small selection of coffins available from Colourful Coffins. They have an even greater range on their website and can assist with creating bespoke coffins with your own images. 

Includes coffins relating to:
Animals & Pets / Artistic & Bespoke / Cardboard / Childrens / Classic / Floral / Glitz & Glamour / Military & Patriotic / Musical / Religious / Scenic / Sport / Transport / American Style Caskets

T:  01865 779172      W:   

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Passages International

Passages International provides for the rapidly growing demand for green and natural funerals and for environmentally friendly options. 

They provide a wide range of wicker and bio-degradable urns etc. 

T:  01628 290220     W:  

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Somerset Willow

Each one of our wicker willow coffins has been beautifully and caringly hand woven by one of our skilled basked makers in our workshops in Somerset, making each coffin unique, special and a personal tribute to a loved one.

Somerset Willow also offer the ‘Living Coffin‘ where each willow wand is kept alive using a clever system enabling the continued growth of the willow and the leaves to form a beautiful living coffin. 

T:  01278 446415      W:

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