Baby Funeral Expenses

Children’s Funeral Fund

Through the scheme, (came into effect as Government Legislation on 23 July 2019), funeral providers will be able to directly claim burial or cremation costs, as well as a contribution towards the cost of a coffin, so that parents do not need to worry about managing these expenses. Parents can also claim directly from the scheme if they choose not to use a funeral director.

Fees that can be reclaimed from the Children’s Funeral Fund

*  Fees charged exclusively by burial and cremation authorities

Fees charged by the burial authority and/or cremation authority can be claimed from the CFF by these authorities only.

a.  In the case of burial (whether of a body or of a cremated remains) the CFF will provide for the following:

  • The fees of obtaining a burial plot and a right of burial, where required.
  • The fees charged for the burial by the authority or person responsible for the provision and maintenance of cemeteries for the area where the burial takes place.
  • The fees levied by a third-party grave digger, including the cost of the removal and replacement of any existing headstone and kerbing.
  • Where the burial is in an existing shared grave, the cost of re-opening the grave, including the cost of replacing any existing headstone and kerbing.
  • The fees for permission to erect a memorial or headstone (but not the cost of any memorial or headstone).
  • The fees charged for the maintenance of the plot, where payment of these is a condition of the right of burial, until the time when the child, if alive, would have reached the age of 18.
  • The cost of any renewal of the right of burial until the time when the child, if alive, would have reached the age of 18.

b.  In the case of cremation (whether or not followed by burial of cremated remains), the CFF will cover:

  • The fees for the carrying out of a cremation.
  • The fees charged for a private post-mortem examination where this is necessary for the cremation to be authorised.
  • The fees charged by a cremation or burial authority for the scattering of cremated remains; and
  • The fees charged for the burial of ashes;
  • The fees for the storage of cremated remains in a columbarium or similar facility, until the time when the child, if alive, would have reached the age of 18.

Associated Expenses

Associated expenses can be claimed by the burial/cremation authority, the funeral director, or the person who has contractual liability with the funeral director or other person providing the item.

The following are the associated expenses for which reimbursement may be claimed from the CFF:

  • the price of a coffin, shroud, casket or other receptacle and/or covering for the body, up to a maximum of £300. This may include the price of goods or services which are required for the purpose of preparing the receptacle and/or covering for burial or cremation.
  • the fee for the removal of implanted medical devices – these are capped at £20 where the person undertaking the removal is not a registered medical practitioner.
  • the fees for the completion of cremation certification (if not claimed by the relevant cremation authority); and
  • the cost of an appropriate receptacle for storage of cremated remains in a columbarium or similar, where the receptacle in which the cremated remains are returned is unsuitable for this purpose.


Children’s Funeral Charity

The CFC will continue to fund the elements of the funeral that are NOT covered by the new fund, such as flowers, orders of ceremony, plaques etc.

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